Hallelujah- (Week 10)


Hey friends! 10 flipping weeks out here- int that crazy! Just two more weeks until we are splitting off into our outreach teams and heading into the nations. I will catch you up on my last two weeks before telling you a little bit more about what I will be doing for the next 3 months of my DTS.

The week before last had the topic of Lordship and making Jesus the Lord of our lives. Our guest speaker was from a YWAM base in New Zealand and he had an amazing passion and spoke in a very prophetic way. He presented Jesus’ death in such a real and raw way and delved deeper into characters in the bible such as Mary of Bethany and Noah. We learnt this week about trusting everything to God and how we need to surrender our lives wholeheartedly to him as he has the best plans for us!!

We had some baptisms in the sea at the weekend which was amazing to see and be a part of. And of course I had my usual Sunday beach trip.

pretty small group outings

The following weeks topic was relationships. It wasn’t really focused on boy-girl relationships as you may expect but on how our vertical relationship, with God, needs to come first and this will overflow into all our horizontal relationships. I learnt how we cannot truly love others if we don’t love God primarily. This week really dug deeply into how to practically live this out, and I as will sending 3 months on an outreach team with 9 other people I will have plenty of chance to put this into practise, I’m sure!!

We have been learning how to trust in God for provision of finances these past few weeks. Every morning we have been praying for people who still didn’t have all of their outreach money and we have seen some amazing testimonies of God’s faithfulness. We also had our group fundraiser which involved running (or walking in my case) up and down a flight of stairs called Jacobs’ Ladder. This was a chance to get a group pool of money to help those who did not yet have all of their outreach finances. However tonight we spent a time in prayer and worship and all of the money came in! We were then able to go out to the other DTS’s and pray for provision of finances for them. ‘mazing times.

the sweaty squad after completing over 2oo laps!

We celebrated pancake day last Tuesday on an outdoor grill, and afterwards the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were playing at an outdoor arena across the road from our accommodations, so we sat outside listening to the concert, for free! On Friday we had another time of open-air evangelism in the city of Perth and I got the opportunity to share the gospel which was a new but freeing experience! It rained this weekend. Shock horror. Please pray for me, it was a very traumatic time. Fear not though I still made it to beach and caught a few rays.

our final small group time. I ate so much food I was in pain. very worth it.

We had our final small group meeting last week which was very sad but it meant that we had our first outreach team meeting! We are leaving for Cebu in the early hours of the morning on March 31st. We will be staying at a YWAM base with another outreach team. We will be doing lots of kids and mothers ministry working in the slum areas outside the city. There will be one-on-one street evangelism and also potentially some opportunity for prison ministry. We are flying to Manila on the 23rd April. The eagle-eyed among you may have realised that is yours truly’s 19th birthday. I am told that it will be a good birthday due to the availability of air-con. I’m not entirely sure that this bodes well for outreach. We are leaving the other team in Manila and staying at a church that has connections with YWAM. The work here will be fairly similar, doing lots of street evangelism. On May 19th we are flying to Kobe, Japan for the remainder of the time. We will be supporting the work of a YWAM base there who have only been running for a year so we will find out more details of what we will be doing more precisely closer to the time.

I think thats all folks. I am getting more excited about outreach coming up but also feel pretty unprepared and do not want to leave behind all my beautiful friends who are on other outreach teams. If you fabulous humans could remember to keep me in your prayers as I go into this next phase of the DTS. I am also trying to decide on what my next steps are going to be after completion of my time here, so if you could pray for a clarity and peace I would be forever grateful.

Bless up.



sorry not sorry

4 thoughts on “Hallelujah- (Week 10)

  1. Great to hear your up to date news – it sounds as if you are living life to the full! Go for it girl! As you think about your next steps after DTS – it sometimes helps to consider what you actually *want *to do 🙂 Had a fab time with your Dad when he came to stay a couple of weeks ago – he is such a special man; wise and funny – what a great combination. Enjoy those beaches. Much love Helen

    On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 at 13:51, Jessamy’s YWAM adventure wrote:

    > jessamyjclark posted: ” beeeeeeeeaaaaaacccchhhhh Hey friends! 10 flipping > weeks out here- int that crazy! Just two more weeks until we are splitting > off into our outreach teams and heading into the nations. I will catch you > up on my last two weeks before telling you a little” >


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Helen! It is tricky trying to decide what’s next and don’t want to over complicate it.. Glad you had a good time with Dad, he is pretty cool I agree!


  2. Our lovely Jessamy…I love reading your updates!! So amazing to hear all about what you are learning and what God is doing through you- very encouraging! And to hear the testimonies of God’s faithfulness-amazing!!! We love and miss you lots!! 😀


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