Shout it from the rooftops- (Week 6)

Beach at Cottlesloe

Happy Sunday everyone! It has been a busy two weeks since my last post- so heres a brief update..

We finished off the forgiveness and repentance topic last week, which was a heavy week but was really good and we were taught about how God hates sin because it separates us from him. The weekend was filled with fun activities such as beach trips and visiting a local market. We also saw the opera La Traviata in the park in the city! it was a fun experience but I think I prefer musicals… We also played dodgeball, but some of others teams took it very seriously and I hid in the corner screaming because I was scared 😦

Meg and Meg both from the UK!

This week the class topic was evangelism and we had a speaker from East Coast Australia come to speak. He was very young but has heaps of experience and passion which was inspiring to see! He spent some time explaining why we evangelise and that witnessing to others is something we are all called to, no matter what we feel our giftings are. I also learnt how evangelism should be at the heart of church life, when it is so often pushed aside and left for ‘someone else’ to do. He then also gave us some tips about how to approach people and we held discussions on some key questions people often ask regarding Christianity. On Fridays we always go out into Perth City to evangelise but this is something I have never particularly looked forward to. This week, however I felt more expectant and equipped. Me and my partner spoke to an Austrian man in the park. He was very friendly, but initially every time one of us tried to steer the conversation towards the gospel he would change the topic. However eventually we got him to open up and he told us about a time he got healed after a priest prayed for him on a train. We discussed the gospel and also were able to answer some questions he asked, based on the topics we had discussed in class, which was pretty cool.

This weekend we also volunteered at the Billy/ Franklin Graham event in Perth. It was pretty cool to be part of such a massive movement and see people come forward to receive Jesus! I had yet more beach trips this weekend and also enjoyed a ferry trip in our small group time to get some waffles!

Hannah and I werking the merch stall

Thank you again for continued prayer! I appreciate all the support from back home, my time here is going very quickly and smoothly- though I do still really struggle with the 6am starts. Its difficult being here if you are not a morning person! Next week’s topic is Fear of the Lord which sounds interesting but I’m not sure what to expect. Prayer support would be appreciated that I don’t start to feel too restless with the continued routine! Hope England is treating you all well,

love yas, Jessamy xoxo

Breakfast on the beach! I got up at 7am on the weekend for this but it was totally worth it.

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